Bloody Mary anyone?

Every women’s worst time of the month has now turned into their best, Isla Russell reports
Every woman’s true best friend.

Every month, for one week and one week only, a woman will experience blood, cramps, cravings, and pain. It’s the worst time of the month for them; but not in Israel. Thanks to ‘Bloody Hour’ at The Anna Loulou bar in Jaffa all menstruating women will get 25% off their total bill. All they have to do is approach the bar, tell the bar tender they are on, and the pact of trust will grant them their 25% off.  

But The Anna Loulou bar has a more sincere motive behind it then getting women on their periods drunk. Owner of the bar, Moran Barirr, wants to stop the childishness surrounding periods. When speaking to Haaretz newspaper she said, “There is no platform for addressing the subject of menstruation and there’s no legitimacy in the public sphere for discussing it without people immediately going, ‘Ick, why are you talking about that?’”. The idea is to normalise the discussion of periods for both men and women, and urge men to ask questions and gain a better understanding about the subject.

Luckily the ‘red river’ chat is becoming increasingly normalised. With the tampon tax in the UK slowly being discussed into extinction, Bodyform, the sanitary towel power house, has really been pushing the conversation forward by broadcasting the first sanitary product advert featuring blood. Previously all adverts used a less than accurate blue gel to imitate a women’s flow. Bodyform are not only using a red liquid to symbolise the blood, but their latest advert is all about normalising the crimson wave. It shows women in everyday situations dealing with the everyday struggles of being on the blob. #BloodNormal

Companies such as Bodyform and The Anna Loulou bar are pushing aside the stigma of periods and letting the conversation flow, encouraging both men and women to openly talk and learn about their bodily functions. So, get a 25% off cocktail (if you’re in Jaffa) and let’s talk about periods.