Live show notes week 7

Live show opening week 7

This week I personally found the live shows quite difficult. Admittedly this is down to me being absent from the Monday briefing due to illness, and this therefore made the rest of the week harder for me to catch up with.

Due to me, and 2 other members of my VT team, being ill for the Monday briefing my team had no equipment booked out for filming. Despite me messaging them via slack regarding what out VT story was, who was taking on each role, and when we were filming, I got little to no response, expect from James who informed me that we were commenting on the Westminster sexual abuse scandal.  I, therefore, took the initiative to assign myself as editor, book out equipment, research the story, and arrange to meet my team on Wednesday at 2pm once I had collected our kit.  

When Wednesday arrived, I collected the equipment needed for filming and waited half an hour for my team to show up. I had slacked them several times to no response and was losing hope. Thankfully James arrived and we decided to travel to Westminster together to begin filming and the rest of our team could meet us there. In the short amount of time we had to film, as I had to leave for work that night, we managed to film a PTC and 2 GV’s. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to be recorded discussing the scandal that is Westminster and therefore out attempts to find vox pops were futile. In the end me and James had to admit defeat and come to terms with the fact that we couldn’t present a VT to the class on Thursday despite our best attempts.

This week has taught me that I am the organiser within my VT team who does the research each week and books out equipment. It would also appear that there is a lack of communication that needs to be fixed. Nevertheless I also realise that I need to prioritise university work before my part-time work as, had it not been for having to leave the shoot early, myself and James could have presented a VT. This upcoming week I plan to be a lot more organised with my team, and ensure that all of our filming has been completed by Tuesday for editing on Wednesday.

I was the assistant news editor this week which I found an exciting role. The previous two live shows I have been an on the day reporter which was a role I felt comfortable doing as it was simply writing a news story for the website. However, I have had no experience at being an assistant news editor and so felt like this role was pushing me to try something different.

Despite not being in on Monday’s lesson to write up notes from the VT meeting I was ready to throw myself into the role come Thursday. I began by looking on PA and in the news for any breaking news stories that we could report on that day before the VT meeting begun. At the meeting, my role was to write down notes, making sure to gather information about each VT, including the length of it. After the meeting, my job was to work closely with the editor of the week (Alice Heather) to make sure the show would run smoothly.

I focused a lot on working with Inception this week to make sure our auto cue was accurately set up for the presenters. Previous to Thursday, besides a one hour training session, I had never used Inception and was nervous to attempt to use it. Despite my nerves, and with the help of Alice, we managed to schedule in the show with all the auto cues and timings successfully. Besides working on scheduling the show I also helped Jacob with his social media content, looking at what was trending, and what would be of interest to our audience.

I believe that as a class we are getting better at the live shows. Our VT’s contain better content which address a greater range of topics, and are generally shot better. The actual day of the live shows runs a lot smoother now also with our presenters being a lot calmer and more charismatic on the sofa, and the director really leading the rest of the class on what needs to be done and by when. I would say that there is still an issue with sound in our VT packages, however believe that with more practice using the various different microphones this issue can be fixed.