Week 8 live show review

This week I was the editor of my VT package, which meant I was the leader of my group. As always, we began the week with a VT meeting on Monday where we delegated roles and decided on a story for our package. I was immediately drawn to the Church of England news report that outlined the new guidance for COE schools stating that they should allow children to be gender fluid without risk of judgement or labels. We quickly decided that I would be editor, James would do camera, Barbara would be the presenter, and George would edit the VT.

I booked equipment out on Monday to be picked up on Tuesday and instructed my team to ring around COE schools in the Southwark area as well as COE churches. Myself, James, and Barbara rang around several establishments, however no COE schools were willing to give a statement on camera about the new guidance. We did manage to secure an interview with a COE Father for Tuesday at 4pm thanks to James, and I spent the rest of Monday researching into the story and planning what needed to be filmed.

On Tuesday, I picked up the equipment and we began filming straight away. We headed to a church in Lambeth to film our PTC and get some GV’s of both the interior and exterior of the church before our interview with the Father at a COE church in Borough. Barbara hadn’t previously prepared a PTC to use, however managed to formulate one when we got to the church and delivered it successfully. We got some lovely GV’s of the church, most notably a shot of a stain glass window. We moved onto the church in Borough at around 30:30, and managed to conduct a 15-minute interview with the COE Father. We rounded the day off by getting vox pops, which proved difficult. Many people didn’t want to be visually recorded making a comment on the situation, which is why we ended up with only 1 visual vox pop and 1 voice recorded. Overall, I would say that the shoot went relatively smoothly and that myself, James, and Barbara worked well as a team. George did an excellent job at editing the footage together and managed to create a good package from what we had filmed. My only critiques would be that there was a great difference in lighting from the GV’s and interview to the vox pops because of time difference, and that there was no outro to the package.

In the live show this week I was assistant editor again which meant I was helping the editor (Alice) with running the show. At all the meetings that were conducted throughout the week I took notes on the various stages of the VT’s, running times, running orders, and general observations. After the Thursday morning meeting, me and Alice began inserting the running order and scripts into inception. My main job in this process was to make sure that everyone had inserted the running time, outro, and intro of their VT, as well as their lead in. After this I then had to edit all the scripts with Alice before they were approved. This process was something I found particularly hard this week as there seemed to be a lack of organisation between the VT teams regarding who was writing the lead in, which meant the script couldn’t be edited and approved as fast as last week. However, once it was I managed to print out all the scripts before the final meeting and run through of the show.

I would say that this live show has been one of the best we have done. Despite it being slightly chaotic pre-show with scripts and timings the end result was a positive one. The presenters had a very relaxed chemistry together which made for good ad libs in between VT’s. Jacob did well at social media, and Reemeka improved greatly on presenting bulletins from last week despite still seeming nervous.