Week 10 live show review

This week I was ill on Monday so didn’t make it to the first VT meeting. Instead I was given all of the information via my VT teams slack group chat. We were doing an E-sports VT this week which was going to be about loot boxes, specifically in the new Star Wars Battlefront 2 game. I was going to be presenter, Barbara was editor, James was VT editor, and George was camera operator. Equipment had been booked for Tuesday and that was when we were going to record all of our footage.

Once I had been told the story on Monday I carried out some research on loot boxes as I was not overly familiar with what they were, nor what they were used for within games. I researched into what they basically were, how they were used, and why there was such an uproar about them in the new Star Wars game. I used a BBC article as my main source of information. After researching I planned my piece to camera, as well as my voice overs, and some interview questions.

On Tuesday, we began by filming our PTC with the Battlefront 2 advert playing behind me on the screen in the newsroom. We had some slight issues with lighting for this as the screen was creating a shadow of myself that didn’t look quite right in the frame. To fix this we had Sam help us set up the light used for the bulletins, which we placed to one side of me as a way to give some extra light to the shot. It was a lovely creative shot that worked very well with the information I was giving in the PTC, and was something we hasn’t done before.

After shooting the PTC we went to the games department to interview the head lecturer there and get some vox pops and GV’s from people that we knew understood the topic and would have an opinion on it. We found it difficult to get an interview with the lecturer as we hadn’t booked in to see him and he was teaching all day as well as through the night. Luckily Barbara managed to catch him in-between classes and got a statement from him. Getting vox pops was quite easy as we had two third year students who were eager to participate, however didn’t manage to get a third as everyone seemed uncomfortable being on camera.

The final edit of out package was very good. I was impressed with our PTC and thought that this week our sound was the best it has ever been. We did forget to put in lower thirds however, and in one of our interviews there is too much empty space in the shot that could have been prevented with a slightly closer angle. Overall though I think this package was the most professional one we have done yet.

This week I was social media presenter in the live shows which I was slightly nervous for. It was the first time I had done any kind of presenting and the thought of not having an auto cue for help was slightly unnerving for me. However, out of all the presenting jobs I felt like social media was most appropriate for myself as it is slightly more relaxed and allows for more personality than the other roles.

I began my day by going on Twitter and seeing what was trending, and checking out the ‘moments’ feed- this let me know what the worldwide public were tweeting about as well as what was going on in the news. The first thing that caught my eye was a story about Kellogg’s breakfast cereal axing one of their oldest cereals ‘Riccicles’ in a bid to cut their sugar consumption by 40%. I saw that there was a mixed reaction to this as some were upset at outraged that they were getting rid of the vintage cereal, whereas others were glad Kellogg’s were making an attempt at making their cereals healthier. I thought this would be a good story with a good mix of reactions. We agreed that there should be something about Prince Harry’s engagement mentioned in the social media, however because it was announced on Monday, I had to find a way to make the story relevant. I found an article on that the Metro had tweeted about Stormzy wanting to play at the wedding. I thought this was quite a funny story as it was two completely different worlds coming together. My final story was about St Andrews day. I wanted to celebrate the Scottish day and wanted to mention some traditional Scottish items and end my segment with a bit of humour. I did briefly discuss the thought of doing a sports story as part of social media however, as someone not entirely enthralled by football, knew it was something I wasn’t bothered by and therefore wouldn’t be able to commit to reporting about.

After deciding on my stories, I wrote a script that I used to rehearse from. I had to keep an eye on social media to make sure that something more relevant didn’t start trending, however stuck closely with my script. I rehearsed a few times with Alice and initially found it difficult trying to remember what to say. In the end I realised I knew what each story was and I didn’t need to stick completely to my script, so ended up adlibbing a bit. I found rehearsing with Alice reassuring as we only had time to do a full rehearsal once before the live show.

This week the live show went very well. James was, unfortunately, incredibly ill this week, and Saf had to step in as sofa presenter. Despite being a last minute adjustment to the show Saf did incredibly well on the sofa and came across as very natural. The show as a whole went very smoothly with some very good VT packages. I managed to get through my social media segment with only a few stumbles. Overall it was a very good week.