Week seven live show review

I found this week particularly challenging in terms of filming the VT as I was working alone the majority of the time.  


After deciding before Wednesday’s lesson that I really wanted to do a VT package on International Women’s Day (Thursday) I approached my group to ask if they would be available to film on that day. Despite none of them being available I still thought that the story was too good to not do. This left me researching, planning, filming, presenting, and editing the VT.


I decided that I wanted to show a range of events that were happening for International Women’s Day rather than just show what was going on at LSBU. I was already attending an International Women’s Day breakfast on Thursday and thought this would be the perfect place to get some expert interviews and some good vox pops. Despite the company running the event initially declining my request to film the event, on the day they allowed me to conduct some interviews and get some vox pops and GV’s as long as a permission form was completed. This provided me with a really good base to build my VT on.


I did want to include what we were doing at LSBU in my VT and so set up a range of interviews with individuals and groups involved in the day. My first interview was with LSBU’s health and wellness advisor who gave me some really good information on what was happening around the university and how LSBU combats gender equality. Despite being an incredibly good interview, I only used a small part of what she had to say in the end VT because of time restraints.


I was granted permission to film a guest lecture that was being put on for International Women’s Day and an interview with the speakers. Periodical diaries were a soon to be charity that aims to eliminate the taboo surrounding periods, which is a potential VT in itself. They were incredibly open to speaking to me about their work and why International Women’s Day was important to them, which provided me with some incredibly useful footage.


My main issue with filming my VT came from doing everything alone. I was both camera operator and presenter on most of the filming days and found it difficult and slightly unprofessional to have to set up a camera in front of the people I was interviewing. This resulted in some not so clean shots and framing where you could only see half of me. I tried my best in the edit to fix these issues, however, it was incredibly difficult. I also found that I had a lot of good forage in terms of interviews and vox’s that I found it difficult to cut down to just under 2 minutes. All in all, I believe that my VT was a success and something that, despite doing alone, I am incredibly proud of.


Due to illness I did not attend the live show.