Looking back before moving forward- Peckham Platform Retrospective exhibit review

Looking back before moving forward- Peckham Platform Retrospective exhibit review

Peckham is celebrating the final exhibit at Peckham Platform by showing a retrospective view of the past 6 years of art

By Isla Russell, journalism student at LSBU.     

4 Stars

March 5th 2017 will be a sad day for the Peckham community as it has to wave goodbye to the much beloved art gallery Peckham Platform. Showcasing one final look at the exhibits from the past 6 years this is the last chance for you to take a Peckham trip down memory lane.

Since 2010 Peckham Platform, located at 89 Peckham High Street, has been exhibiting the works of local artists, and working with children of the community, to create grand displays. These ranged from Peckham Promenade in January 2016 which showed the people who lived, worked, and visited Peckham Rye Lane, to Open16 which was a mass collection of artwork of any kind from local artists. This small, almost futuristic looking, building has been supporting the local talent of the Peckham area since 2010 and it will be a great loss to the community when it leaves.

However, until March, Peckham Platform is doing one final showcase of all their favourite pieces of art from the past 6 years. These displays have been erected one final time in a celebration of the raw talent that Peckham has for members of the general public to view for free. These innovative pieces of art adorn the walls of Peckham Platform, complete with a small description of the artist and thought behind the work. One particular stand out piece is the original trench coat from the first ever exhibit shown at the Peckham Platform, ‘Peckham Peacocks’, adorning the ‘Peckham Peacocks Mobility Scooter Club’ symbol on the back of it, hanging delicately from the ceiling of the building almost as if it’s looking over the rest of the artwork.

To take a walk down the creative memory lane of Peckham’s finest artists you can visit Peckham Platform for free Monday to Sunday 10am-5pm.

Open your mind to the art of Peckham for one final time.  

Peckham Platform
The outside of Peckham Platform