Things get crazy at the first ever BONCA awards

Things get crazy at the first ever BONCA awards

YouTube’s finest were deservedly celebrated at the first ever British Online Creators Awards

By Isla Russell, journalism student at LSBU


The 22nd November 2016, The London Palladium, thousands of screaming fans, a handful of YouTube’s most talented creators, and 14 golden hashtags- this marked the beginning of the BONCA’S.

Held at the legendary London Palladium it’s safe to say that this 19th century building has probably never seen so many young, pubescent faces, dragging their parents to see a range of people famous for simply sitting in front of a camera and projecting their life through a screen. But this award show celebrated so much more than that. It celebrated the revolution of the internet, the revolution of YouTube, and the revolution of becoming famous through the most accessible and visible form of media.

Hosted by YouTube’s favourite comedy brothers Jack and Conor Maynard there is little wonder behind why there was so many screams as the lights dimmed and the show began. From beginning to end the boys were cracking jokes of gold (some obviously written for them) and showing their talents as not only a YouTuber and his celebrity brother, but as presenters ready and willing to present the first BONCA’s of many to come.

With YouTuber’s present such as Dan and Phil, Lucy and Lydia, and everyone’s favourite YouTuber right now judging by the scream he got Caspar Lee, it was a night of small time celebrity stardom.

But what of the golden hashtags and who won them? Here is a list of the winners…

Travel Vlogger of the Year: Louis Cole

Food Video of the Year: SORTED Food

Prank of the Year: Caspar Lee

International YouTuber of the Year: Troy Sivan

Series of the Year: Adrian Bliss

Best New Comer: Josh Pieters

Best Use of Tech: Louis Cole

Collaboration of the Year: Dan and Phil

Campaign of the Year: Jack Harries

Comedy Sketch of the Year: Hazel Heyes

Film of the Year: Dan and Phil

Lifestyle Video of the Year: Zoella

Gamer of the Year: Dan TDM

British Creator of the Year: Phil Lester

To all the YouTubers who won awards congratulations, and to those who didn’t- get better at YouTube and good luck for next year.