Profile Pitch

2-line pitch:

I will be writing my profile on Howard Peacock- a secondary school Latin teacher who invested into the Ivy House pub. Howard is an interesting study for a profile interview as he is part of a select team of investors who made The Ivy House the first community run pub in the UK.

Elevator pitch:

Howard’s story is particularly interesting as he is an academic man who teaches Latin at a secondary school, has a PhD in philosophy, and publishes his work in academic journals, and yet he invested his money into a pub that was going to be closed and sold to renovate into housing. I would very much like to talk to this man of great education and see why exactly he found The Ivy House of such importance that it couldn’t be closed down and renovated, and how his investment has changed his life as well as the community of Peckham, Peckham-Rye, and Nunhead.

Pitch of 100-200 words:

I would like to write my profile on Howard Peacock- a very well educated man who invested his money into a local Nunhead pub, The Ivy House, and, in turn, made it the first community run pub in the UK.

Howard is a local secondary school teacher of Latin who also has a PhD in philosophy and publishes his works in academic journals. He is now the part owner of The Ivy House and runs their website as well as their sound booth.

This seemingly ordinary man was part of a select team who saved The Ivy House (an original 1930’s pub) and now dedicates his life to maintaining the standard of this proud pinnacle of the Peckham, Peckham-Rye, and Nunhead community.

In order to cover this profile I will be making several trips to The Ivy House to try and gain a sense of why it was worth saving, as well as to speak to some local residents on how important the pub is to the community. I will then speak to Howard himself in a one-on-one interview where I can ask him why he chose to save the pub, with my specific focus being on his emotional connection to the building and the community. Throughout my time at The Ivy House I will shadow Howard in order to grasp his character, and role, within the pub, and how he acts within this environment.

This will be an interesting profile to cover as it will be based on a seemingly ordinary man who has done something spectacular in order to benefit his community.