Online learning leaving students “disengaged” and “unmotivated”

London South Bank University building
The lights are on — but no one’s home

After a month of online learning, many students are dissastified and disappointed with their university educations.

Students across the country have had their teaching moved online throughout September, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a small poll of LSBU students, 50% said they “strongly prefer” in-person learning, with only 31% saying they preferred learning online.

A major issue for some students have been a lack of access to technology. An NUS Survey of 4,200 students had 27% report that had not been able to sufficiently access education online.

Others have found it hard to learn online, and feel that they would learn more in a traditional classroom setting.

“At home, I can’t really focus.” One LSBU student said. “I tend to start daydreaming.”

Another student claimed they found online education “disengaging” and that it was “easy to lose motivation.”

Many students are angry that they are still being charged £9250 tuition fees during the pandemic, despite the fundamental differences in education this year. An online petition on the UK parliament website gathered 199,611 signatures calling for tuition fees to be lowered during the pandemic.

The government responded to the petition, saying “Universities are autonomous and responsible for setting their own fees…universities will of course want to ensure that they can continue to deliver courses which are fit for purpose and help students progress their qualifications.”