Social Media Reverse

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Social Media Reverse

In many countries the key sources for news has stopped growing or gone into reverse.

In the United States the growth of weekly social media use for news has fall down from 51% to 45% this year.

The UK too has had a fall down this year as in 2017 was at 50% and this year it is at 45%, this could be because the audience don’t feel like the news shown on social media are fake or they just do not believe in it because some people think social media are not reliable.

If looking into more depth and details on which exact social media has been falling and not growing at all it is Facebook.

 Facebook it is consistently the most widely used social media network for news in almost every country, in fact Facebook news usage is up significantly in Malaysia and the Czech Republic, but most countries it is declining.

This because as said before social media users do sometimes think that news up on social network are fake news and that is also why Facebook’s priority is to focus more on family and friends’ interactions rather than news, but it could also be because the audience do use alternative platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat to check the news.

Facebook algorithm changed too during the course of the years as I summer 2017 was high and increasing but during the beginning of 2018 it started to decrease.