How digital development change journalism

Photo by Pxhere

The 21th century has so far being the most revolutionary century in the history of the human beings.

This because in the early 2000s humans started to have a big knowledge on technologies, on phones, on the internet etc… But this not only changed the mindset of some of us, had a big effect onto today’s society, but it also had a big impact on journalism and anything that had to with news/storytelling.

Smartphones had become one of the most important objects into our lives and in fact smartphones are nowadays considered the most important device for internet access, statistics say that also 50% of adults use smartphones to check the news daily.

As smartphones develop every day and each year there are new release of different features and different styles of it people get a lot more interested into buying a smartphone where every day they could check the news instead of going to the shop and for example buy a newspaper.

Newspapers for example in the 20th century were a lot more used and the public used to buy it, instead, nowadays you can easily get newspapers outside the station or wherever and have it for free.