Zoe Ball profile

Zoe Ball was recently announced to be the new host for the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast show, after leaving the Radio 1 equivalent 18 years after.

Between Radio 1 and Radio 2’s breakfast shows there has always been some “rivalry” which also Greg James (Radio 1 Breakfast show presenter) jokingly mentioned. But he is also very happy to Zoe back in the game.

All her family was happy and encouraging about. Her son persuaded her into going back to Radio and her daughter was happy about it, but she still believes Radio 1 it is better.

Zoe Ball has also struggled with alcohol. As sometimes she would be airing drunk or in hangover, which has she then mention to go in a rehab and made an Instagram post about how much she appreciated the help given.

The profile was well written and full of quotes, which make it even more interesting and easy to read.Zoe Ball’s entire biography was written and explained from when she was a presenter in TV to know that she is the new host of Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

Personally, after reading this, I feel like I know Zoe Ball a lot better and I loved the way the journalist had so many people to interview and so many points of view made the profile entertaining to read.