Social Media filter bubbles and echo chamber

Examinating my own Twitter newsfeed I can already see that most the thing that I like are shown.

For example, all the singers and celebrities that I follow and all the news around them are seen and the main “Tweets” and “Retweets” of fan accounts and accounts with many followers are also shown.

The more followers you have the more you are likely to be seen in all the world’s newsfeed.

Also, my newsfeed changes from the post that I like and posts that I’m interesting at, if for example I search “Meghan Markle’s wedding” in my newsfeed over the days are coming up more and more posts of Meghan and more pictures of her wedding.

My feed also is very like me in a way, as I follow accounts that I like, and accounts who are similar as mine and that makes Twitter entertaining and more personal.