Portrait of Reconciliation

In this portrait we can see two people of colour, a man and a woman; the man seems dress casually with trousers, a shirt and a blue squared jacket, instead the woman seems more dressed up, as she has a beautiful coloured dress and a nice pearl necklace.

The story behind this portrait really touched me, as the male came to the woman to ask for forgiveness as he has killed her brothers and her father. 

The woman in her statement says that he wasn’t alone to have killed her family, but he was the only one who came for forgiveness and he also helped her built a new home.

In fact, the pose they are making in the portrait it is the man looking directly to the floor, giving her shoulders while the woman had her hand over his shoulder as a sign of forgiveness.

Both, male and female do not have a happy facial expression. Especially the male, he looks sad and he must be feeling guilty, this is also represented by the way he is looking directly to the floor.

Instead the woman looks powerful but sad, strong but weak. She is looking directly to the audience and her face is showing in every angle.