Community Shop in Peckham

Every first Thursday of the month the “Peckham Vision Campaign” host a little community shop that runs from 7 pm to 10 pm. This is an arcade space in Peckham who benefits small businesses into stay open a bit longer on Thursday night and have a different atmosphere around.

Space is long but not too wide and inside there are all types of shops, from food to clothes, to fragrances and for the occasion of the first Thursday of every month there is a room with a DJ where people can enjoy some music, have a chat and enjoy the evening.

It’s important to know that most shops are already established there and one of the achievements of Peckham Vision is to benefit them and also to get the council to work with local residents and the neighborhood. 

Peckham Vision Campaign is led by small businesses and local residents who had the idea to make a safe, fun and good place where people can socialize and enjoy themselves.

“The importance is to people to drop in, socialize and also to benefit the small businesses,” says Eileen Conn, member of the Peckham Vision and one of the organisers of the event.