Lettsom Gardens

Lettson Garden are a community located in London SE15 in Denmark Hill road.

The gardens are run by a charity, “Lettsom Gardens Association” and the access to the gardens and the key require an annual membership which costs from £8-£15.

On October 31, the Twitter page announced they were hosting a bonfire on the 3rdNovember that would have been open to everyone and not only to people who have access at the membership.

At 11am the garden would have cleared up to let the staff get ready to build the wood for the bonfire and at 4:30pm the gates would open again to welcome people in and wait around 5pm to light up the fire.

They would also host a BBQ for the community. Local residents were surprised and enjoyed themselves “What a great fire!” and so they would go on and wait for the fireworks around 7pm.

The bonfire was awesome and loads of people came down to help and to enjoy themselves. Many people were happy that not only people with a membership could have come down, but the whole community and the whole neighbourhood could’ve.