The Telegraph

In June 2017 The Telegraph announced to be joining the Snapchat Discovery platform, which it may seem unlikely for a well-respected and well-known newspaper.

Social Media in general are a great way to engage younger audience to read and to be more interesting in the new, but Snapchat has the possibility to make it even more entertaining and fun to watch and read.

The snipped lasts around 10 seconds and in those 10 seconds the company is showing everything that would catch the attention and that would make the audience check the article by swiping up and also that would make the person subscribe and keep up to date with their postings.

While watching The Telegraph Snapchat Discovery channel, it appears very clear the use of music, fonts, writing, images, the use of Emojis, animated pictures, to be very entertaining and fun to watch which would grab a younger audience attention.

The stories published provide top lines and news all over the world, they both publish entertaining news stories as for example the “Women again each other Nicki Minaj and Cardi B” to stories more about politics, economic and business.