Peckham Rye station: Residents complain about anti-social behaviour

Picture by Alessia Sasso

Local residents are complaining about anti-social behavior at Peckham Rye station. The public also feels like the police are not doing enough to keep Peckham Rye station safe.

A community meeting took place at Harris Academy in Peckham on the 14th November to discuss various charities and funding. As many councilors and police attended, many complaints about anti-social
behavior was brought up.

The public of Peckham said they are tired of seeing many homeless people, drunks and drug dealers just outside Peckham Rye station. “Not only it is disgusting anti-social behavior, but it also represents
Peckham in a bad way and it scares people away” said one local resident during the meeting.

Another resident Romina Calatayud also spoke about an incident where she was going back home from the station and got stopped by five or six boys who were drinking in the streets. They harassed her and wouldn’t
let her go.

“How can we feel safe and secure in a place like this?” she asked referring to the councilors and the police. The police said they were keen to address the problem and would have another meeting soon.