Court Visit

The court visited was the Highbury Corner Magistrates Court.

Once in the court there is loads of security all around the entrance to make sure everything that goes in it is not illegal and that everyone is safe.

The case I visited was regarding a young white male, who’s on trial for attempting to supply.

There were 3 magistrates sat on the bench, and a male legal advisor who would come in and out every time they had to discuss about something.

No witnesses were needed for this case, as both the prosecution and the defence had disks with footage and evidence needed. Even though the existence of these footages, the defence received about 66 text messages on the morning of the trial and that she wanted to go through to see if there is any more evidence in her favour.

The magistrates gave more time every time the defence was asking and so the trial was during quite some time.

Because the defence were not able to go through the messages in the time given, they asked to have the trial another time so she could go through all the evidence, the prosecution was fine with that and the Magistrates gave set the next time for the 13thof December.