Occupants of the car dramatically run off while police tried to pull them over

A car smashed into Southwark Park railings after its driver failed to pull over for the police. The black car the police was trying to pull over collided into a white minivan and of the black car occupants run off to the park right after the incident. 

Police had attempted to stop the car at around 12:30 am the 21st November 2018. Police also believe the car they were driving was a “Drive Now” hire car. A police spokesman told the News “The motorist fled from the scene of foot”. Police also said the car was not been actively pursued at the time of the stop.

A witness told Southwark News that he believed the occupants of the white minivan were not injured and that the occupants of the black car run off right after the crashing. No one was reported injured in the crashing but the police are still continuing the investigation.

There are still not arrested made but the police are still investigating and try to understand more of what happened.