Sadiq Khan keynote, The London Conference 2019

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan addresses conference

Mr Sadiq Khan today spoke at a conference at the Royal Institution, as the candidates for London mayor begin their campaigns for the 2020 mayoral elections.

The last thing that Mr Khan spoke about, but the most current point he made, was when he spoke about Brexit. Mr Khan is passionate that there should be a second referendum. He believes that, “The promises made three and a half years ago are a million miles away from the promises we are given now”. 

Mr Khan was challenged when talking about the second referendum for the people, with an audience member asking how can he be supporting the people, if the majority vote was to leave the EU. Mr Khan was quick to note that he is not suggesting a, ” third, fourth, fifth… referendum, neverendum”.

The Mayor suggested that, “now that we know what Brexit really means, lets have the option to still leave the EU, with an option to remain”. mr Khan focused on the promises that had been given to the population of the UK when the referendum was first called, and mentioned that we were never informed about the challenges that we would have to face, they were not mentioned with the just explanations and solutions.

Mr Khan ended by again talking about the British Public, and suggested that, “The only way the British public get a final say, is if we have a government who trust the public”.

Mr Khan also spoke about the housing in London, with a large focus on private renting. Since beginning his term as the Mayor of London, they have been lobbying to end the fees to private letting agents, aswell as looking to get rid of Section 71, a notice for eviction.

The Mayor also mentioned how the “dodgy” definition of what an affordable home is, the term now has three areas that it covers, the first of these is if the house costs a third of the persons earnings, the second is for social renting and council houses, the third area is where the rent is shared with external companies who help offer support.




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