Q&A With Alex Street

As Kings Lynn Town FC continue their impressive run at the top of the National League North, I spoke to Number 1 Keeper Alex “Pedro” Street, discussing the promotion campaign in the previous season, and the mentality of the squad at this moment.

Peter- Firstly Alex, what can you remember about those final few minutes in the play off-final last season?

Alex Street- Having felt the loss [in the play-off final] the season before, I wanted to secure the win so bad. Going into the final minutes at 2-2 and knowing we were the better team, I was nervous, I was preparing for penalties. When Gash scores the winner, the adrenaline kicks in because we know we’re moments away from promotion, but you have to try and control that, but I was very anxious waiting for the final whistle to blow.

P- How much has changed for you personally this season with the promotion and now excellent performance to remain top of the table?

AS- Not a great deal has changed in the sense of how we train and how we play our matches. Everything we do is at a high standard, which we demand from each other, which is why we’re probably being so successful this year.

P- How easy is it balancing a full time job and playing semi-pro football?

AS- Personally for me I struggle to manage both as I do a lot of travelling for work which takes its toll on the body really! But I try to look after myself in what I eat and drink whilst working away. I go for runs to keep sharp and burn a few extra calories.

P- What is the atmosphere like in the changing rooms before a game?

AS- The atmosphere is chilled, we have a laugh, listen to some music and have a bit of banter.

P- And finally on a personal level, how many more clean streets, as you and the fans call them, would you like to finish with?

AS- 16 clean streets would be nice, but realistically 8/9 more would be a great year!


Kings Lynn will face Gloucester City away in their next National League North Fixture, as they look to bounce back from defeat against Kidderminster.


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