Life in Isolation- Day 3

Today marked the third full day of my self isolation period, and much like the other two, it has been pretty boring.

With it being a Monday I decided it would be best to find the motivation to complete some university work, this helped a couple of hours go past, but after this it was the same old attempt of trying to get engaged in something.

I tried relaxing playing Xbox, but I found I just didn’t have the motivation to really get engaged in any of my games, so I ended up spending a large part of the day crashed in my bed wathcing Netflix. Again I wasn’t really watching, more had it on as background noise while I followed parts of the story.

I think today the reality has really hit as to how challenging the next 11 days could be, I’m three days in and out of ideas to engage myself, so I need to find some form of series to get myself indulged in for the next few days. If anyone has any ideas for series do get in touch.

Part of me still has hope however, with any luck my flatmates test will come back negative, and I can return to some form of normality (if anything can be described as normal these days).

So that brings me to todays beer review, todays beer is the ‘Camden Town Brewery’ Off Menu IPA. This is described as being the ideal IPA, and to be honest, they could be quite right with that, its full of flavour but it is light and sits nicely after drinking. At 5.8% it is slightly stronger than yesterdays Sundance, and I would rate it an 8/10, putting it at the top of the list so far.

I’m starting to become more and more dissapointed with the handling of this situation by the University. We were informed that the welfare team would keep in touch everyday, to ensure all students in the flat are doing okay, however this has not been the case. Luckliy I have a good support network around me, so I have people I can call or talk to when I need to, but not all students will have this. As far as I am aware we are one of the first flats at this University to go into isolation, but I am certain we won’t be the last, so they really ought to sort out a better system to support the students, because this isn’t a problem which will go away overnight.

And with that, I suppose it is about time to try find something to watch on Netflix, before falling asleep and doing it all again tomorrow. Again if anyone has any questions for me to answer, or ideas for me to keep occupied, please do email.

Thanks again for reading.



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