Life in Isolation- Day 4

Well, I’m still stuck inside.

When I got told on Friday that a flat mate was waiting for a test result so I had to isolate, I was hoping that by now we would know the outcome. Unfortunatley, although now I am not suprised by this, the University gave us the wrong information, the test only took place today so we will at least be in here for a few more days.

Unfortunaltey, I am begining to lose faith in the systems here in the halls of residence, there seem to be some key flaws within the system. I today recived another email informing me that the welfare team would be in contact daily, but I have yet to here from them since Friday. I have expressed my concerns to the relevant people, with my worry being that some people won’t have strong support networks like I am lucky enough to have.

It is not just the welfare support, today I recieved an email asking me to fill in a track and trace form due to me being in isolation, however in my mind that should have been sent on Friday, along with the email that informed us we were going into self isolation.

Apart from that, it has just been another one of those days, but there really is very little to do at the moment. I’ve worked out a workout routine to try and remain healthy during this lockdown (to counter balance the beer), and have stuck to that everyday, which helps pass an hour each day.

I don’t really have much to say today so I’ll jump straight to the beer review.

The beer today is by ‘Yeastie Boys’ and it is the Gunnamatta Earl Grey IPA. At first I was a bit apprehensive, and was expecting it to taste like tea, but that isn’t the case and it is infact a very nice IPA. Described as being ‘Boldly floral-much like your granny’s bedroom’, it has a strong fruity flavour and much like the previous beers it is again very light. This is the type of pint that would go down perfectly in a beer garden whilst watching the football (oh how I long for those days to return). At 6.5% its stronger than a lot of beers, but with the refreshing taste it wouldn’t be difficult to down several pints. Overall this beer gets an 8.5/10, I must admit I was slightly dissapointed that it didn’t taste like tea, although that would probably have been revolting. That means that it takes top spot of the tier list, but who knows how long for.

Apart from that, I think it’s time for me to sit and finish this beer whilst I find some football to watch.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.



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