Busking on the Bank: Scott McMahon – REVIEW

Scott McMahon busking along Southbank
Scott McMahon busking along Southbank

“Do you know if he’s selling any of his CD’s because I really want one” – American tourist Sally comments.

Whilst living in London, hurrying past buskers trying to avoid eye contact almost becomes a daily routine – but when you hear a voice like Scott McMahon’s it becomes hard to ignore.

Think of the Goo Goo Dolls combined with Paulo Nutini – A sound that could only be heard through the powerhouse that is McMahon.

The London Based Guitarist moved from Edinburgh 5 years ago and has since used his talent to travel the world. McMahon has written, composed and produced 3 three of his albums which he describes as an acoustic, soul and funk sound.

Aside from his daily performances by the Hungerford bridge in Southbank, Scott also performs internationally with his next project taking place from the 8th-30th of October on the Tallinn-Stockholm cruise. Those who want to catch one of his performances can catch him in his usual spot from November onwards “provided it isn’t raining!” he jokes.

McMahon describes being a busker as being the “best job in the world” and states that he “wouldn’t change it for a thing”. His music is available for download on Spotify as well as on his website ScottMcMahonOnline.com


By Jada Scott and Bobbie Wayman