Week 6

March 4, 2019 Jada 0

This morning we started off by reviewing the datasets that we had chosen for our infographic pieces. Michael gave us all feedback on how we […]

Week 5

February 25, 2019 Jada 0

The morning session with Michael started with a look into big data and what it consists of. With a guest lecturer, we discussed the issues […]

Week 4

February 20, 2019 Jada 0

In class with Michael this week, we took a look at business data. We began looking at stock exchanges and currencies before considering how we […]

Week 3

February 15, 2019 Jada 0

In the morning session with Michael we began looking at facts and statistics and the ways that publications and companies pick the data that they […]

Week 2

February 4, 2019 Jada 0

This week in Michael’s class we had a look at the different ways infographics can be presented to an audience. We looked at Static infographics […]