More blood shed on Peckham’s streets 18 Years after Damilola’s Death

Rates of violent crime take took place in Peckham in 2018
Pictured: Rates of violent crime take took place in Peckham in 2018 - Graph produced by

Almost 2 decades after the death of 10-year-old Damilola Taylor, levels of violent crime in Southwark have more than halved. In October 2000, just a month before his death there were 854 instances of violent crime. By October 2018, these numbers had dropped to just 346 –  according to

18-years-ago to the day, Damilola was fatally stabbed by two teenagers in Peckham. Since his death, crime rates in the area have remained at a high level and in some cases – have risen. In October 2011, there were 72 reported incidents. By October 2018, this number had increased to 104. 

Since Damilola’s death, Notorious gang-related estates have been redeveloped, youth centres and after-school centres have been put into place and the Damilola Taylor Trust has been set up in his memory to help the local youth. Yet the number of violent crimes in Peckham, continue to soar.  

Discussing the increase of violent crimes in Peckham, Cllr Barrie Hargrove said “ There is so much work to do if we are ever to put an end to this. Investment, of course, enforcement too sadly, but education above all. If people cannot be persuaded not to carry knives this wretched cycle will just continue. With cuts in both the police force and the council, it is hard to position the police everywhere they are needed. Still, we are making every attempt we can to reduce the amount of serious crime taking place on the streets of Peckham. ”