Learning Blog – Profile Interviews

The profile VT that my group decided to film this week was about a student photographer who uses her art to fund her studies. As our target audience were UK university students, we thought that this particular profile could turn out to be extremely helpful to them as many students are having to turn to alternative methods to pay for their student lifestyle.  

My group and I began by reaching out to the photographer and asking her if she would be up for the interview, making sure she was aware of everything that we would be doing and what the interview would be used for. Once the interviewee had confirmed, we set up a date, time and meeting place and then began making a list of all the questions that we were planning on asking. On the Sunday, I went out to meet the interviewee and filmed the interview asking all of the questions that were agreed. I also filmed some additional shots so that we had some B-roll that we could use for editing too. As the interviewee was a photographer, I ensured to get some clips of her cameras and her using the cameras before wrapping up.  

From this process, I have learnt that it is important to ensure that you have more footage than necessary as you will be unable to go back and film – it is always better to have too much footage than not enough. I also found out that it is better to film all footage at once rather than taking a break in between shots and coming back to it – especially in the afternoon/evenings, as you lose sunlight quite quickly and this is reflected in the shots.