Mobile News Gathering: Paving the way for a new breed of Journalism

mobile news gathering
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With the amount of people using a mobile to access the news significantly increasing each year, the way in which journalists create and present their stories must also change with each development.

As mobiles are social media native, more and more people are now using social media sites to gather their news. With this, the amount of people getting their news from a newspaper is also decreasing. This affects journalists as it means that they are now having to produce content for a lot more platforms than they previously would have needed to. As each social media site has a different audience, journalists will also need to consider the relevance of their stories to the audience and find ways the engage the audience to other stories. This means that a company may need to feature different stories across their platforms and use different features such as graphics and audio across these sites.

Currently, the top videos that are viewed and shared the most across social media are short-texted videos. These are clips that have no audio and use on screen text to get their point across with accompanying videos on the screen. This too has an impact on the world of journalism as it enables them to present their stories in a way that requires them to have no additional resources. As the duration of these videos are often fairly short (between 1 and 4 minutes), this also allows journalists to be very straight to the point when creating these videos making them very quick to create once a story has emerged.