Learning Blog – Brexit VT

The VT that my group decided to create was about Brexit and the publics thoughts and reservations around the topic. We decided to cover it at that particular time, as the countdown for the final 30 days before Britain leaves the EU had begun making it a harsh reality that it will soon be happening.  

From the start, we pretty much realised that gathering peoples’ thoughts would be a better option for us at it would allow us to gather two sides of an argument in a way that would not be biased. Once we had our angle and were confident enough to film, we took out our equipment and assigned roles. I was going to be the reporter; Yasmine was going to oversee the camera and Ellie was going to manage the sound. Once we got to Westminster, we were quick to get started so we scoped out the people we wanted to speak with and filmed some GV’s. We then filmed some establishing shots before wrapping up.  

In terms of feedback on our package, my group gathered some mixed results. We had a nice balance of the story giving two opposing sides, and the establishing shots worked well to set the scene – however the audio was too low after editing and the voice of the presenter was different to the voice of the voiceover. We also gave the interviewee the mistake which we were not supposed to do. The feedback was very helpful for us in terms of understanding how we can improve and better ourselves at creating VTs.  

From this process, I learnt that it is important to thoroughly research the topic of your VT before filming to ensure that you completely understand it and can ask as many questions about it as necessary. Next time I will also ensure that the equipment is handled correctly whilst filming and that if possible, we get a range of ages when it comes to the people doing the GV’s so that we can encourage diverse and varied views and answers.