Part One – Decision Making

March 10th 2019

The data set I have chosen to focus on is the rate of Teenage Pregnancy across England and Wales. I came across this data set whilst browsing the Office of National Statistics website and decided to use it as the amount of data that was readily available would allow me to produce several different angles from one set of data. As the data set dates back to 1998, I intend to compare the rates to 2018 and see how the numbers have changed in 20 years.

To ensure the statistics I was gathering were correct, I looked at various different sources including The Financial Times, and The office of national statistics.

March 15th 2019

As I cannot find any data sources online that have numbers for years dating up to 2018, I sent a Freedom of Information (FOI) to the Greater London Authority who run the London Datastore site. Once I receive the information I need, I will then start to analyse the data.