Infographics Workbook

Part One – Decision Making

March 10th 2019

The data set I have chosen to focus on is the rate of Teenage Pregnancy across England and Wales. I came across this data set whilst browsing the Office of National Statistics website and decided to use it as the amount of data that was readily available would allow me to produce several different angles from one set of data. As the data set dates back to 1998, I intend to compare the rates to 2018 and see how the numbers have changed in 20 years.

To ensure the statistics I was gathering were correct, I looked at various different sources including The Financial Times, and The office of national statistics.

March 15th 2019

As I cannot find any data sources online that have numbers for years dating up to 2018, I sent a Freedom of Information (FOI) to the Greater London Authority who runs the London Datastore site. Once I receive the information I need, I will then start to analyse the data.

April 1st 2019

Today I had a meeting with LJ where we discussed my idea for my infographic and the information I would need to create a successful infographic. After this meeting, I had a clear idea of the information that I needed to go out and find so I began to search for additional datasets excluding the set that I had already requested as an FOI.

April 16th 2019

Today, I received a response to the freedom of information request I sent last month. The response I received stated that the 2017 data set is due to come out at the end of April so they will not fulfil my request as the data will be available to the public very soon. I was also informed that the 2018 dataset I had also requested would not be available to request until the beginning of 2020. On the back of the information I received, I decided to start my infographic and base it on the dataset I already have which ranges from 1998 to 2016. I did this as I have a limited amount of time to produce my Infographic and wanted to get it started as soon as possible. 


Part Two – Analysis

April 20th 2019

I began to take a look at the data in detail and see if I could spot any trends in the data. On first observation, I immediately noticed that there was quite a significant decline in the number of teenage pregnancies taking place each year no matter what filter you looked at the data through (boroughs, cities, countries). On looking at this data set, I decided to focus on Teenage conceptions throughout the whole of the UK as I felt they would be a lot easier to explore and discuss. As I continued to explore the date, I began to realise that there were a few years that were outliers and didn’t follow the declining trend that the other years did. I decided to make a note of these years and do some research to determine whether something had occurred in society or even in general to cause these outliers. I then began to think about a concept, the point I wanted to make using this data. After much consideration, I decided on using the angle of Social Media and that less teenage conceptions are taking place as teenagers are spending more and more time on Social Media.


Part Three – Creation

April 24th 2019

I began to create my infographic on Visme as we were introduced to it in class, I felt very comfortable using it as the interface was very easy to use and understand. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted my infographic to look like and the information I wanted to include, so I began working on that creating an infographic that communicates my idea successfully. I also gathered and used transparent png images from google to help illustrate and express my idea. 

April 29th 2019

Today I had a meeting with Michael looking at the progress I had made so far on my Infographic. Michael was very helpful in suggesting that I rearrange certain parts on my infographic to make the whole thing look tidier and more professional. Once I got home, I made these changes however I still felt as though I could make my infographic look a lot better than it did and was very unhappy with the end result.

May 5th 2019

After careful consideration, I decided to try and create a new infographic in order to produce a piece of work that I am happy with. I took a look at various websites that offer free infographic design services before deciding on Piktochart. I spent the day working on my Infographic and in the end, produced a piece that I am more than happy to submit for my work.

May 8th 2019

I reached out to a journalist who I had previously worked with and decided to ask her for a quote to place in my feature that also supports my infographic. 

May 11th 2019

I began to work on my feature today and ensured that I had all the data I wanted to include handy so that it would be easier for me to do. As I already had a quote to include, my feature writing was made a lot easier as I had already planned a lot of what I wanted to discuss. 


My Infographic and Feature