Portrait of Reconciliation: protagonists thoughts

Rwandan Genocide
Photo Credits: Heminem90 on Wikipedia. Rwandan President Paul Kagame attends memorial event in 2013 to commemorate the Rwandan genocide.

I decided to analyse the Portraits of reconciliation photo between Lawrence Nsabimana and Beatrice Mukarwambari and on looking at the image, one of the first things I picked up on was the body language of the two. Despite the closeness of the two and the positioning of Nsabimana’s hand, it is clear to see that there is still some hostility between the two. This is made evident by the tight crossing of Mukarwambari’s arms across her chest. Considering that the post is about reconciliation, the pairs body language alone suggests that there is still some unresolved tension between them. 

On reading their story however, it is clear that Mukarwambari has forgiven Nsabimana in order for her to be able to move on. Nsabimana believes that it takes a lot to forgive a person and also credits Mukarwambari as being someone with a pure heart. 

The story of the two and their relationship with each other could not have been depicted simply by looking at the photograph. This is because the image provides no background information, at first glance you see two people who appear to be upset or hurt.  The story provides context to the image and offers a reason as to why the pair appear the way they do in the image. One without the other would connote a completely different meaning to the reader.