Rush Hour rebellion in Elephant and Castle

Extinction Rebellion Protest
Members of the Extinction Rebellion Protest blocking the streets of Elephant and Castle this morning. (Photo Credits: @Ruairi_Casey on Twitter)

Climate Change Activists interrupt London’s morning rush hour for their environmental protest.

Five groups of the Extinction Rebellion organisation brought the streets of London to a halt this morning with their protest in a bid to change the conversation around climate change.

Stationed at Lambeth and Vauxhall Bridges, Elephant and Castle, Tower Bridge and Earl’s Court – the groups started their protest at 7:30am, repeatedly blocking roads for minutes at a time.

The 30-strong group at Elephant and Castle communicated their idea of non-violent dialogue with banners and placards. 

Protesters with placards
Members of the Extinction Rebellion protest pose with placards

Speaking to JLDN, A protester at the Elephant and Castle base known locally as Roz said, “Petitions don’t work and marches don’t work, the government doesn’t respond to those. The disruption element of what we are doing is a tactic that has been researched and taken from movements like the civil rights campaign or the suffragettes’ movement. It is designed to make the government come to the negotiating table and take on board the three demands that the organisation has.”

The group will be protesting again in the same location tomorrow from 8am in anticipation of their larger protest. “Rebellion Day 2” will see the group demonstrating in front of parliament square from 10 am on Saturday 24th November.

Extinction Rebellion Flyers
Flyers being handed out at the Extinction Rebellion protest