The bane of Brexit on educational facilities in Southwark

Brexit in Southwark
Brexit and the UK.

As the repercussions of the Brexit vote loom closer & closer, we begin to look at the different ways in which we will be affected.

In the borough of Southwark, one of the biggest industries and main generational sources of income are from the educational sector. Chaired by Councillor Victoria Mills, a panel took to Southwark’s main offices to discuss the impact that Brexit will have across this powerhouse.

“In the first few days there was horror. I would actually use that word because they are such international bodies. Not just from the students, but from the research which is carried out” Professor Pat Bailey, discusses the situation immediately after the Brexit results had emerged.

Needless to say, post-vote there was uncertainty from all angles. From the way in which education was to be provided, to the possibility of the university being chosen as a possible research partner –  Brexit had the ability to shake up the way in which the whole educational sector was set up.

Months later, we know now a bit more about the extent to which Brexit will impact the said industry. The current predicted outcome of Brexit upon education in Southwark is thought to be an more of an indirect effect. The economic downturn could change the way in which the government would views student fees resulting in a presumable increase in tuition prices for both home and international students.

Although the effects of Brexit are still pretty unclear, one thing we do know is that the student community in Southwark will suffer in one way or another whether it be major or only slight.