Week 10

Rebecca: In class with Rebecca this week, we had a look at the submissions form and went through all of the requirements to make sure that we all know what we need to do when it comes to submitting our work. In our VT groups, we then had to present our VT submission ideas to the class – discussing the shots we plan to show, who we plan to interview and the idea we intend on communicating through our VT. In the session, we were also introduced to the Inception software and shown how to use it in preparation for our first/practice live TV and Radio shows which will be taking place in the next couple weeks. At the end of the class, we also looked at filming sequences and the different ways we can ensure that we get the best ones for our packages. 

Michael: In Michael’s class this week, we started by recapping the story structure and scriptwriting techniques that we had touched on in the session the week before. We then went through the process of booking out equipment in preparation for us to film our VT’s and Audios during the Easter Break.

Individual: After a conversation with Rebecca this week, my VT group and I soon realised that the idea that we had previously agreed on (Students and charity shopping) was too niche as although it is getting popular, on people who are interested in Charity/Thrift shopping would be interested in the VT. We decided to change our idea slightly and base it on Sustainable Fashion – gathering students thoughts on a topic that is taking over all media forms right now (saving the Earth). We then went off and found a contributor that would be happy for us to interview her. As she has her own sustainable fashion company, we ensured that we carried out our research and knew what we were going to walk about before we went there.

As I had to change my idea last week, I came up with the theme of Mental Health and decided to base my audio on the idea of “Are Universities doing enough to help students who suffer from Mental Health problems?”. I think this idea would be better to discuss as mental health is an ongoing issue and is something that people are always trying to raise awareness about and do more for. For most students, going to university is their first time moving away from home and can often be quite a hard time – hence why most 18-25 year olds don’t realise they have a mental health disorder until they leave home. I began to research the topic further as I wanted to ensure that all of the facts and figures I mentioned throughout my audio piece were correct. I decided that the contributors I would like to feature in my audio would be 3 students from different universities as I wanted to gather a mixed bag of opinions dependent on the student’s own experiences at university.