Week 11

Rebecca: In class with Rebecca this week, we focused on submissions, ensuring that we had everything ready ahead of our deadlines next week. We then reviewed inception again ensuring that everyone felt comfortable with it and knew both how to access it and how to use it before our life shows next week.

Michael: With Michael, we spent this week’s session going over any issues or questions we had and smoothing them over before the hand in date. The rest of the class was spent with everyone finishing off work.

Individual: This week, my VT group met up and decided on the roles we wanted to take for the VT. In the end, it was decided that Yasmine was going to manage the sound, Ellie was going to focus on the filming and I would be the News Editor, Reporter and Editor. We then decided on the equipment that we would need to be able to film and then headed down to the location to film with our interviewee and gather the rest of the shots.

For my audio this week, I met up with my contributors and then recorder my audio package.