Week 4

This morning with Rebecca, we started off by reviewing our homework tasks from the previous class. In our VT groups we showed our VTs to the class and welcomed feedback from both them and Rebecca in order to make improvements to our work.

We then looked at the second piece of homework we were assigned and looked at each flagship news programme in detail discussing each of the main headlines and news pegs. Rebecca also stressed the importance of looking into the treatments of the stories, how they were presented and how this differs according to the news source that you locate it from.

The class was then split into our VT groups again, in order for us to prepare for our Brexit VT’s that we will be filming next week. My group decided to plan out the roles that we will be taking on next week, and the news angle that we were going to be implementing. We also used SiSo to book out our equipment ahead of next week to ensure we were as prepared as we could be.

Before the class adjourned, Rebecca gave us a short task to complete that would enable us to prepare for our VT’s next week. We were given 2 complex sentences and instructed to break them down and rearrange them as we see fit. We were then to record them to make sure that the sentences weren’t too long and were still comprehensible. Here was my groups attempt. Yasmine read the sentences and did the piece to camera, and I filmed and monitored sound levels.

Michael’s Class in the afternoon was based on story angles and podcasts. We began by discussing the 2 previous homework tasks set, before moving on to News Angles and the different types of them.

We were then given a short task of selecting a story from today’s news and finding examples of how it had been treated with different angles. I looked at sky news and chose a story about Shamima Begum. I then found three articles covering the story from different angles, discussing the consequences she will face if she is to return to the UK, Her response to the UK’s reaction to her wanting to return and her mother discussing her reasoning for wanting her to come home.

We then moved on to podcasting and looking at the differences between podcasts and radio shows. Michael then gave us the task of giving an inanimate object life in preparation for our podcasts. I Chose a door and gave it the following summary. “Pushed and pulled every day, I’m so tired of being used. My joints creak with every motion, I just know he’s going to replace me with a younger model.”