Week 5

The morning session with Michael started with a look into big data and what it consists of. With a guest lecturer, we discussed the issues around storing data in today’s GDPR sensitive society, and how security protections such as encryption help to protect the datasets from getting into the wrong hands. We then started looking at different ways of obtaining data and understanding which sources are and aren’t good to gather data from. Next we looked at qualitative vs quantitative data and looked at ways the identify which type of dataset it is that we are handling.

In the next part of the session with Michael we took a look at the different ways in which we can find and obtain datasets. We looked at different council websites and analysed the amount of Open Data that they have readily available on their site. We finished by looking at different publications, sites and forums that we can also source information from.

In the afternoon session with LJ, we continued to look at excel and the different ways we can manipulate datasets.