Week 7

This week in Rebecca’s class, we started by reviewing the news programmes from the previous night that we were assigned to watch. We compared the news treatments of similar stories and the varying headlines between programmes.

We were then tasked with creating a Brexit Learning Blog detailing what our VT story was and why we had decided to cover it now. We were also told to touch on the process of making it the VT and to include any feedback on your package both positive and negative that we got from the class last week.

Rebecca then split the class into our VT groups and we were given our next VT task – find someone to carry out a profile interview on with the theme of student life. My group decided that we were going to get in contact with a student photographer who had built up her own business from scratch. We reached out to her to sort out a time and date to film and began preparing questions.

In the afternoon session with Michael, we started by reviewing the week and going over any questions/issues that people may have in relation to the fighthoax work that we have been doing recently. We then moved on and began reviewing our sound pieces from our visit to Parliament.

As most of the class had not edited our audio, Michael instructed us to edit them in class using either Audacity or Audition. I decided to use Audition as I am more familiar with it, and edited my audio before uploading it onto Dropbox.

We then had a lecture with Michael on Interviewing and the tips and tricks surrounding a successful interview. We discussed what should be done to prepare before, on arrival, during and after the interview. Michael also demonstrated to us how the type of question can impact the type of answer given and gave us an insight into the type of questions we should be asking as a Journalist.