Week 9

Rebecca: Week 9 with Rebecca consisted of the class reviewing the Vox pops that we had filmed during the end of the class the previous week. We received feedback from both Vanessa and the rest of the class, before discussing what we learnt whilst out filming and things we can improve for next time. We then compared the night before’s news headlines and stories and looked at how they different between channels and broadcasters. We were then given the task of writing a headline and stand first for the student life VT we had slowly been creating week by week.

Individual: This week I focused on researching and planning ideas for my final VT with my VT group. We came up with the idea of “More and more students turning to charity/thrift shops than online shops” and began to carry out some research on the idea. We came across various articles including this one – that discuss the rise in vintage/thrift shopping and suggest possible reasons for the rise. We then began to reach out to various thrift stores and vintage/charity shops are we wanted to reach out to a manager who we would potentially be able to interview.

For my sound project, I then began to reach out to several people that I would have liked to appear as a contributor. This week however, I also had a discussion with Michael and decided that perhaps my idea was too seclusive to adhere to the audience of UK students. After this discussion I decided to change my idea and spent the rest of the week thinking over possible themes.