Week One Show Four – 08/10/20


In Class:

Seyi – presenter

Mahira – Director

Yasmine – sound/autocue

Yasser – Vision mixer 



Uno and Alessia – Social Media Bulletins

Jada, Juliana and Kika – News Bulletins

Georgina and Miriyam – International Bulletins

Arun and Adan -Reporter



For today’s show, we gathered at 10 am like usual to discuss the type of show the class wanted to produce. We went away looking for stories and gathered back at 10:30am. 

Once we were all back together, we were then assigned roles and ensure that the class knew that everything to be handed in for 1:30pm, in order for us to have a 20min show at 3pm.

As I was the bulletins presenter, it was my job along with my helpers to decide on what stories should be part of the bulletins and which order they should go in. This is the final order we decided:

  1. Thousands of patients are still going without vital NHS treatment
  2. Coronavirus is more deadly than both flu and pneumonia
  3. Contenders for US vice-president have clashed
  4. Italy has now made the wearing of masks mandatory in outdoor spaces
  5. Prince William and Sir David Attenborough launch EarthShot Prize
  6. Cinema Trips could soon be a thing of the past

At 1:30pm we had our third editorial meeting for the day. Thankfully everything was handed in on time which meant that the show should be able to go on air at the planned time. We also discussed lower thirds and whether or not they were to be added at the desk or if the reporters should add them in when editing their videos.

After the editorial meeting, I joined the zoom call for the dry run at 2:30 before we went live at 3pm. After the live show we headed to zoom to discuss the show and the days runnings.



  • VT’s weren’t ended in time and kept replaying – this can be overcome and avoided by whoever is on the vision mixer making sure to check the run time of the VT’s and being ready to end them on time.
  • Two different type of lower thirds: On one of the VT’s the reporter had used their own lower thirds which were different to the rest of the lower thirds used in the show. To avoid this and make our show look more professional, reporters both at home and in class should use the JLDN lower thirds format. 
  • Show was shorter than expected – this is because there weren’t enough packages to make the show run to it’s expected length. In order to prevent this happening again, the editor should inform the class and of the shortfall and see if anyone can produce a short package or lengthen theirs. If not possible, the editor should then inform the presenter to have filled in time with opinions and thoughts on the packages. 
  • Jump cuts: when place in a VT, these do not look professional and don’t work – Instead reporter producing packages should use other edits to transition between scenes.