Week One Show Two – 06/10/20


In Class: 

  • Craig – Presenter
  • Saffron – Audio and Autocue
  • Isabella – Director
  • Ameera – Lighting and Vision Mixer


  • Uno –  Reporter
  • Mahira – Reporter
  • Seyi – Reporter
  • Yasmine – Reporter
  • Juliana – Reporter
  • Kika – Reporter


  • Georgina – News Bulletins
  • Alessia – Social Media Bulletins



The day started with a zoom call at 10 am where we established who would be available for filming and what access to software the people working from home would have. At 10:20 am, we ended the call and split up to review the days’ news stories and pick ideas for stories that we could pitch to the team in the newsroom. Twenty minutes later at 10:40 am, we distinguished the news stories that would feature in the live show. The team based in the newsroom also established that the run time for today’s news show would be 15 minutes and that they would like for the show to start at 3 pm. Once this was done, we went about our tasks, agreeing to meet back up for another editorial meeting at 1:30 pm – giving us 2 and a half hours. 

My job for the day was initially to help Georgina with finding pictures for the news bulletins but eventually changed to working on the opening and closing credits for the show. 

At 1:30, the second editorial meeting took place, where we discussed the progress that everyone had made towards their stories, and the tasks that still needed to be done before the show aired. As I was just starting to work on the opening credits, myself and the Director Isabella, made the decision for me to leave the Zoom call early and continue to work on the credits. 

At 2:15 pm, the team in class set about their dry run whilst the rest of us finished up our tasks from home. At 3pm, the live show began, however due to technical errors, the audience and class members watching from home were unable to watch along. 

Once the show finished, the class gathered once again both on zoom and in person – to discuss the show, what worked and what didn’t.


  • No closing credits – As I was incharge of doing the opening and closing credits, this was my fault. My home internet connection was too slow which meant that i could not upload the closing credits in time. to avoid this happening again, I would take a non editorial role that would mean that it won’t be impacted as much by my internet connectivity.
  • Did not go live  – due to technical issues that we at home were unaware of, the show went live at the designated time – however was not aired/broadcasted live onto Youtube. This meant that the show was only watched by those in the newsroom. To overcome this issue, the team based in the newsroom should ensure that the show is live before starting.
  • Main bulletin – The main bulletin presented on the show had already been updated again since the reporter had done the bulletins. In order to be more professional, the reporter should have stayed on top of the story and checked the bulletins were up to date just before the show went life – this way last minute changes could have been made to the bulletins. 
  • Admitting mistakes on air – Presenter apologised for having no credits and for running out of time on the show. This should not have been done as the audience do not know what there is and isn’t meant to be on the show. Apologies are more for chat/gossip shows as opposed to news. 
  • Management are too soft – The reporters and bulletins people working from home are often not sticking to deadlines and in turn, are affecting the show. Managments, editors and the people in the newsroom need to step up and have authority and say “THINGS NEED TO BE IN AT THIS TIME” and stick to it. Be a voice of authority
  • Images do not correspond to the vt – For the bulletin about the Amazon Rainforest, pictures of Amazon the courier company were being used. This was because two people were working on the bulletins, one on the stories and one on the images. To make sure this doesn’t happen again, the people working on bulletins need to ensure that they are communicating properly and the people finding the images should read through the bulletins to ensure that the images correspond to said stories.
  • Lower thirds – The lower thirds on one of the VT’s were different from everyone else’s. To stop this from happening again, both people in class and at home should make sure to use the JLDN Preset Format for lower thirds. This creates a sense of continuity from those at home and those in the studio and also helps to create a more polished and professional show.