Week One Summary

On looking back to our first week of live shows for the interactive journalism module, I believe the progression made can be clear to see. At the beginning of the week we were all very hesitant about what was expected of us and how working remotely would be successful. We also had to get used to operating the equipment and software’s again after months of not using them. By the end of the week, the content produced was of a very good standard, the shows were going live at the correct time and the communication between those at home and those at university had gotten a lot better. 

On reflection, I think what worked well for us as a group and enabled us to produce content of a good standard were the following: 

Clarity – When people established what they could and couldn’t do from the start of the day, it made the day run a lot smoother and enabled others to take up roles that the others couldn’t do in order for us to get everything done.  

Teams – When we chose our own teams and worked with people we felt comfortable with, it reflected in the content we produced. We worked harder together and shared the roles to ensure everything was completed. 

Notes I have taken away from this week are as following:  

Smaller teams worked better than one big class – we were able to communicate a lot easier, share ideas more freely and help others wherever necessary 

Breakout rooms worked better for group and idea discussions as the teams were separate and could communicate without the fear of disturbing others and working on a big zoom call all day.