What I consider to be the most significant development from Reuters Digital News report?

news development from Reuteurs digital report



The Reuters digital news report of 2018 certainly raised some key issues that have changed in the land of news. Such issues include the rise of fake news and more people accessing news content on their smartphones.

The issue of fake news is a key significant development, as it has had a major effect on people’s trust of the media.

This has clearly been in seen in the events of the last 18 months, as fake news has had significant effects on the election of Donald Trump in 2016. This involved specific Russian ads on Facebook and other outlets targeted at select voters, breaking the link of trust between the public and news outlets.

The Brexit referendum is yet another example of how fake news is a significant development in news. This has changed the way in which the public trusts the media. This is because they are concerned about poor news journalism and clickbait, which all hang under the umbrella of fake news.

Fake news as an issue has severely weakened the trust between the media and public. This has made the public more aware of which news sources to trust often trusting more reliable news sources; this includes the BBC, ITV and local newspapers.

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