Digital developments and how they effect journalism

Developments in Digital Journalism

Digital developments have hit the journalism world in a big in recent years, and have had a significant impact on journalism. As it has changed the way in which news is consumed by the public.

It has also changed the way in which news articles are written. As digital developments has reduced the need for long- form story writing. Instead replacing it with short-form news stories which are short and concise.

Which are then available to consume on many different platforms be it a computer or a smart device.

The salient point is that digital developments, which include the rise of social media and more importantly the role of tablet computers.

Tablet usage is one of the key developments, leading a drive for a change in the demand and consumption of news stories.

Digital developments have grown thick and fast over the last decade. None more so than online journalism as it has changed the way that content available for public discussion.

 News organisations see this, and have made at least a small part of their content available for people to embed into their websites.

Much of these developments have been enabled by development of new technology, which is growing rapidly.