Examination of twitter newsfeed

Examination of twitter newsfeed

From my twitter newsfeed, it is clear that in many cases filter bubbles and echo chambers have appeared or presented themselves.

This has presented itself through the various newspaper accounts I follow including the Guardian and the Independent.

Which both have semi-similar outlooks, so can be looked at as being an echo chamber as I have cut myself off from different views

Therefore endangering myself to become closed to other people’s views.

Within my newsfeed there was also continuous adverts for major games consoles, mobile phone manufactures, coming from previous search history on the internet acting as a filter bubble.

When looking at my twitter newsfeed, the source of news generally tends to come trends tailored to my interests, or it can be dependent on how popular other users have found a particular topic or issue.

What is apparent from my newsfeed is that it has become a source of news which is quickly accessible for convenience and available to me at any time.


However it does contain many filter bubbles and echo chambers that are liable to swing my opinion and shape my views on certain issues.

Photo by Jurgen Appelo