Bakerloo extension for Old Kent Road: Too good to be true?

Old Kent Road bridge view


With the transport constantly being a talking point in London, the Bakerloo line extension seems looks like a godsend for London as it will seek to fix many issues.

The Bakerloo line extension holds great possibilities for London. South London stands to gain from this extension, as it would serve to improve transport links to Lewisham and bring supposed improvement in jobs and housing.

For the residents of Old Kent Road, the extension of the Bakerloo line would serve as a helpful transport link to central London. With plans to run up to 20 trains an hour, relieving stress on bus routes which have caused issues for Old Kent Road.

 Along with the Old Kent Road action area plan, the Bakerloo line extension will bring 20,000 new homes, with 7,000 being affordable. This may look like a positive sign for the Bakerloo extension.

 However, speaking to Piers Corbyn at the Old Kent Road Forum, he believed that the Bakerloo extension would: “multiply land values and the big drive is from developers and will drive out local people.

It is clear that whilst the Bakerloo line extension has its benefits, the residents of Old Kent Road still have reservations on the subject.

Railway bridge, Old Kent Road
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