Portraits of reconciliation piece

A symbol of Rwanda and a look to the future

From the portraits of reconciliation picture in the New York Times, I believe that the people in this photo feel differently on the events of the Rwanda genocide.

This is clear to see as the survivor, Viviane has an expression of forgiveness and is putting a hand on Jean Pierre Karenzi (the perpetrator) as if to say “I forgive you and grant you pardon”. Whereas, Jean Pierre is looking away in a look of shame, still carrying the weight of guilt.

Additionally, from the portraits of reconciliation picture, it is clear to see that the shock the Rwandan genocide is still there and imprinted onto the people in this picture.

This is exhibited clearly by Viviane in this picture as she a look of blank, empty expression which signifies the shock of past events whilst also exhibiting elements of forgiveness for her tormenter.

The shock of the Rwandan genocide is clear on Jean Pierre Karenzi’s face, as he has a closed facial expression, with eyes closed as if he is trying to forget the events, wishing that they had never occurred.