Changes in news gathering and how its changing journalism

Dicussing the changes in news gathering


The 21st century has changed the way in which news is gathered, which has a knock effect in changing journalism.


As the digital age has come into full force and made even easier for news to be gathered together, and then distributed to the general public.

News gathering has changed in a big way , and this is primarily due to the rise in smartphone use in recent years.

This has led to a big change, as journalists can use smartphones to record and provide content as news, but can also by extension consult web analytics to see what stories are hot and of interest.

Alongside smartphones, the rise in the use of social media has changed the way in which news is gathered, as people can now act as sources of news themselves.

The rise of  social media has also made it easier for news outlets to gather news, as they have a big pool of news to choose from, and can also see how certain news stories are developing.

The recent rise of social media also gives news outlets key information, which is essential to news gathering and creating a news story.