Walworth town hall: A look to the future

Walworth Town hall under redevelopment

Walworth town hall has been is disrepair for 5 years, recently Southwark council has tried to put plans in place to try and repair and redevelop the town hall.

However attempts thus far have failed due to swinging council cuts, with costs at first skyrocketing to 35-40 million pounds, dropping to 10-20 million.

 Recently the council have received three bids from developers, to redevelop the town hall. Each of these bids has a strictly commercial element to it. However Southwark council want the redevelopment to include arts and culture, and for it to reserve some of the building’s history.

The fire that occurred to the town hall left it badly damaged, speaking to Jeremy Leach of Southwark living streets, he said that “architecturally the building will kept the same” and that the pubic are “ looking forward to learning more about the bids.”

The three bids in question have recently been submitted to the council and as a result should be made public in due course.

 In the process of redevelopment, it has been made clear that the town hall will not be put on the market, sold off, nor make it a hotel or a residential block.

Walworth Town Hall site and Newington Library, Walworth Road, Walworth, London
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Robin Stott – geograph.org.uk/p/4671068